Hair & Astrology

Your hair and astrology are closer related that you may think. Many cultures around the globe still widely agree that the moon supports the planting of crops for a better harvest, certain rituals and most of looked, how to care for your beautiful hair.

The Morrocco Method’s lunar hair chart uses the moon’s natural cycle as it applies to hair care. Anthony Morrocco has created his amazing and extremely accurate hair cutting calendar from the Mayan lunar calendar which is based on 13 moon phases, not the standard 12, which is optimal for hair transformation.
Use Morrocco Methods Lunar hair chart and in a matter of months you will see the true power of this lunar chart. Find out the most powerful dates for all types of hair care. Join the journey for a lengthening, thickening, strengthening, root working, and beautifying one’s hair with Morrocco Method’s lunar calendar.

The Great American Eclipse 2017
Mark your calendar: August 21, 2017 In 2017, we have an incredible opportunity to experience a total solar eclipse right here in the US. On August 21st we have a New Moon, which will be the 3rd New Moon in a season with 4 New moons, also called a Black Moon. This New Moon will Continue Reading
Lunar Hair Cutting Demonstration
In this video, Linda shows you her Lunar Hair Cutting procedure that she uses on herself and her hair clients. Watch as she pairs this procedure with her favorite Morrocco Method products, the Diamond Crystal Mist, and the grapeseed Silver Elixir. Cut your hair the lunar way!
Love the Moon You’re In
By the light of the moon, we are guided through the nightime.  It is our pleasure to gaze upon the celestial majesty of the New Moon or a Full Moon on a clear night.  Our imaginations become wild with creative ideas and we may feel the desire to…to….HOOOOOWL!  Let it out!  Let the Moon effect Continue Reading
The Best Days for Shaving, Plucking or Waxing
Dear Bloggers, According to the ancient wisdom of Shamans who consider hair a sacred part of our body, there are 5 elements each month that are ideal for cutting hair. Within those 5 elements there are times that will enhance different aspects of hair growth that I have discussed previously, such as its strength, its Continue Reading