Eastern vs Western Astrology

Eastern and Western Astrology are both systems of divination that are based on date and time of birth. Although, both traditions rely heavily on symbols to communicate their theories, each differs substantially. Eastern astrology is based on the lunar calendar, which is arranged by the phases of the Moon. The lunar calendar is based off each month beginning with a New Moon and lasts for approximately 29 days. The western calendar is organized according to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. According to the western calendar, each month begins on a set date and can last between 28 – 31 days.

The Great American Eclipse 2017
Mark your calendar: August 21, 2017 In 2017, we have an incredible opportunity to experience a total solar eclipse right here in the US. On August 21st we have a New Moon, which will be the 3rd New Moon in a season with 4 New moons, also called a Black Moon. This New Moon will Continue Reading