Hair & Energy

Energy is all around us, flowing through our bodies and our hair. Energy of a person is an Aura. Aura is an emanation surrounding all living things on Earth. Auras are viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities. Aura color can tell you much about a person, their struggles, strengths, personality, health traits and more. In order to be truly at peace, your aura needs to be balanced and radiated in a positive light. Learn more about the true power of the energy within.

Hair & Aura
Aura is exceptionally powerful in the intensity and variation of its color spectrum. But what does this tell you about your Hair?
The Best Days for Shaving, Plucking or Waxing
Dear Bloggers, According to the ancient wisdom of Shamans who consider hair a sacred part of our body, there are 5 elements each month that are ideal for cutting hair. Within those 5 elements there are times that will enhance different aspects of hair growth that I have discussed previously, such as its strength, its Continue Reading