Q & A

Welcome to our Q & A archive, here we have every question asked before to Anthony. Browse around and see if the question you have asked, hasn’t already been answered.


Hair Questions

Questions regarding hair care, tips and solutions for all types of hair problems and issues. Find the solutions for your everyday hair needs and make sure you are giving the necessary attention your beautiful locks deserve.


Lunar Questions

Questions regarding lunar and lunar hair cutting. Know exactly when to cute your hair depending on what results you want. Make sure you’re following the lunar cycle correctly. Let the moon guide you on the right path to 100% beautiful nature hair.


Global Cultures Questions

Questions regarding cultures around the globe and the different perspectives on what hair means in these different corners of the world. Questions that seek to be truly educated in different culture’s hair care.

Fairy Tale Questions

Questions regarding fairy tales told on The Hair Shaman.

Holistic Tonic Questions

Questions regarding holistic tonics that will help with every day tasks or routines. Find out why some of these tonics have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years


Aura Questions

Questions regarding ones Aura and how to see it. Learn to see the world and all the beautiful energy in it. Find the meaning of your Aura and what it may tell you about yourself.

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