Holistic Tonics

Get more out of nature and the common ingredients of your everyday house hold. Stray away from chemicals that wear away the body and mind and learn some holistic tonics! Whether it is comes to cleaning your clothes, teeth, hair, skin or even the kitchen there is a holistic tonic for you!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Laundry
 Ahhh, clean laundry. Don’t you just love the comforts of freshly-scented, fluffy clothes? Us too! So then, why are you still using those toxic, commercial detergents and fabric softeners? Skin is the body’s largest organ, and it has the ability to absorb what it comes into contact with. This means those synthetic-chemical detergents that are Continue Reading
Natural Energy Drink Recipe
Not a morning person? Not surprising. Most people don’t just pop out of bed full of energy either. Many rely on coffee to jump start their day. Although, is coffee really all it’s cracked up to be? Not necessarily. That’s why Morrocco Method and Anthony opt for a natural energy drink in their morning routine. Caffeine is Continue Reading
Spring Tonic Recipe
This ‘Spring Tonic Recipe’ helps you jump start the morning while also encouraging your body to flush out toxins, alkalizing and balancing the pH of the body. How often should I drink it? I suggest drinking a mug of this tonic first in the morning for 30 days during the spring time. I also recommend drinking a Continue Reading