The Truth About Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long

The fascinating truth about the power and beauty of Hair as discovered by the Native American peoples.

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5 Types of Hair Contest: by Anna B.

Anna Barnhart identifies the 5 different types of hair, their functions, and their roles in modern society.

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Tammy F.
5 Types of Hair Contest: by Tammy F.

Tammy explores the 5 different types of hair, how it interacts with our ch’I, and makes connections to modern and Biblical stories.

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tangled hair
Hair Stories Contest: Fairies and Tangled Hair

Robin shares her childhood stories of fairies and folklore.

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Ariel S
Hair Stories Contest: Princess Melisande

Ariel shares a story about being careful what you wish for and appreciating what you already have.

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5 Types of Hair Contest: by Laurie S.

Laurie shares her version of the five hair terrains and their functions and specialties.

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Hair Raising...A Spiritual Journey
Hair Raising…A Spiritual Journey

How is Hair the physical
manifestation of our thoughts? Is Hair an extension of ourselves?

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Lunar Haircutting Dates 2015

The Lunar Chart displays the 5 optimal dates each month for cutting and beautifying hair.

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Samson and Delilah
Samson and Delilah

Is the story of Samson and Delilah perhaps one of the greatest Biblical stories ever told about hair and its magic, mystery and power?

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