Welcome to my blog! I’m Antonio Morrocco and in this blog I will share my life stories with you. All important moments in my journey to becoming a Hair Shaman and my adventures of Hair Mastery for 75 years of Mystery & Magic. Join me while I share my journey as we travel on the road less traveled. Experience freedom from the known and experience the challenge of change.

Book 2: Chapter 1

The Universe Spoke - I Listened I’m Antonio and I want to…

Book 2: Chapter 2

Rock, Navy, Rock! Even as a kid, I was a willful little firecracker…

Book 2: Chapter 3

Freeze! You're Under Arrest Finally, I got my duffle bag containing…

Book 2: Chapter 4

The Art of Staying ALIVE Marrakesh was going to be bursting…

Book 2: Chapter 5

Europe on One Dollar a Day Join the Navy and see the world. They…

Book 2: Chapter 6

Arrivederci, Europa! Hello, America! I always considered…
Morrocco at Night

Book 2: Chapter 7

From Government Property to Freedom Port Lyautey Kenitra, Morocco,…

Book 2: Chapter 8

New York, New York... Waking Up in a City That Never Sleeps In…
Pratt Institute

Book 2: Chapter 9

Universe vs. The University In January of 1964, the Escape Artist…