Can you help me with male pattern baldness?


“What does it mean if I have male pattern baldness? Is it something to to with unresolved emotional wounds/traumas? I am only 23, started losing my hair when I was 19, and now I still losing hair at a rapid rate. I don’t know how to resolve it, feels like a living nightmare…”


Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Concerned Reader,

First of all it has taken you 4 years to have hair loss so lets start in reversing this situation to grow your hair back to its normal healthy self:

You started losing hair at 19 due to wrong education or no education so you’re young enough to reverse these habits easily and start the growth patterns back to health and strengths:

STEP 1 : Education in what products you’re using now and reading ingredient lists.
If you are using styling products that all must stop as they contain polymers meaning liquid plastics not good for your hair at all.

STEP 2:  Using Morrocco Method hair care exclusively for 90 days to see the major difference. Use shampoos / conditioners / detox a good thing to do now is
brushing ones hair and using our natural scalp massage several times daily for better blood and air circulation:
I am not trying to sell you our products just wanting to educate you on using only 100% natural personal products vs chemicals:

Simply correct a lack of education on how to brush / massage and use healthy 100% plant based hair care products only:

Start reversing your energy levels from spiraling down using chemical hair care products and not getting blood and air circulation and more:

STEP 3:  You want to use Morrocco Method LUNAR Hair Cutting Calendar its free on our website for the strongest dates to cut your hair monthly and alternate between Strengthening / Thickening and Root Work.
You can do one of these elements per month and use the full moon dates when convenient as they are generally the strongest dates every months again see LUNAR HAIRCUTTING DATES:

STEP 4:  I suggest getting into a very basic yoga or breathing type of class to learn how to breath properly and stretch and release stress easy with only BASIC YOGA CLASS
Dr. Andrew Weil has a great set of CD’S called BREATHING I highly recommend you get these CD’S and listen to them monthly as there is a lot of smart and savvy information for all concerned.
This does not only help with circulation, but also can help you break the stress cycle from worrying too much.
Improving your diet and nutrition will be very beneficial. Also, consider any medication being taken and drug use will have hair loss as a side effect.

STEP 5 Update me monthly on your progress and I would like to guide you back to health and wellness

Good Health / Happiness / Strengths & Healings
Anthony Morrocco

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  1. Andreas
    Andreas says:

    Hey there! thanks for the respons! yes i started losing my hair when i was about 19 years old, 4 years later and i have severe male pattern baldness. But i have made many changes in my life, i eat a healthy and clean vegan or high raw diet, i do healthy exercise, such as chi gong and yoga, and other martial arts. i have a question regarding following the lunar hair chart and how to cut my hair, since i have so much pattern baldness i dont ever let it grow out very far so i usally shave it an electric shaver, is it okay to cut my hair an electric shaver? i tend to be very careful not to damage my scalp

    • morroccomethod
      morroccomethod says:

      Hi Andreas,
      Thanks for the updates. First of all, using the Lunar Hair cutting chart if cutting once per month then cut ones hair using the full moon lunar dates whenever possible. Another option, is cutting twice per month then use the full moon and alternate each time with a different element i.e. thickening strengthen and root work do not use beauty nor lengthening dates!
      Also, do not use an electric shaver it wont produce the vibrations necessary for more hair growth
      instead cut ones hair off with a scissors as much as possible then continue with shaving ones head with the same razor ones uses for shaving a beard:
      stop using all chemical hair care products such as shampoos and or conditioners get savvy how to read ingredient lists. Lastly, doing scalp massaging and brushing / watch MM videos for proper procedures.
      Keep us updated to your progress!
      Wishing you good Chi Energies Health Happiness Healing Strengths


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